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At the beginning of my career I had two short but instructive experiences as a worker, then thirty years spent in both the automotive - aeronautics - research field, first in FIAT, then as a contractor and leader of a small firm in almost every area of the development of a vehicle, from innovation to base design and study of human factor, up to the production of the first vehicle, offering first-class design and engineering services in the following areas: mechanical, layout, engine layout, chassis, AWD installation, longitudinal engine, etc.

A global vision of vehicle design, integrated with knowledge of other fields of technology, which allowed me to operate across several fields, from automotive, to the aeronautics, coming to research into renevable energy.
About 50,000 hours on a perimeter PRODUCT DESIGN, as well as INNOVATION AND RESEARCH


I have ten registered patents and I won the first prize at Fiat “Faber Idea 94”.
knowledge in four CAD systems, other than some base knowledge with Photoshop and Dreamweaver
And thirty years of flight as a pilot of gliders and paraglider, together with the some research projects, made by starting from own ideas and in collaboration with third parties

From the year 2014 the firm is used exclusively for manage research projects in the fields of AERONAUTICAL and RENEWABLE ENERGY (AWE)
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