what we do


automotive | aeronautics-others


CAD system:

  • Catia V4
  • Catia V5
  • Unigraphics
  • Computervision
  • Solid Works


  • Base design and development of new vehicles architecture
  • Innovation activities
  • Study of the human factor (ergonomics): consultancies on operative design, teaching and methodological works.
  • Engine layout & chassis
  • Chassis
  • AWD & AWS installations
  • Feasibility studies on external and internal vehicle
  • Body chassis studies
  • Hydroforming techonlogy studies
  • Injection & thermoforming mould
  • components parts

Operational management of above-mentioned designs.

Support & resource training.
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Other projects:

  • Managerial consultancies on the intellectual property: Industrial patents, protection strategies, staff training, and everything needed to support innovation process or as parallel business. Quality systems in order to improve business efficiency.